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Exhaust Yasuni R Minarelli Vertical

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The big brother of the Yasuni Z ! Thanks to a larger expansion chamber and wider downpipe diameter, the Yasuni R is the ideal complement for 70cc sport and racing aluminium cylinders such as Athena Sporting and Stage6 Sport pro, but also very good with 70cc cast-iron sport cylinder kit.  This exhaust is equipped with a classy Aluminium silencer, but also available with the following silencer : Aluminium Black, Carbon and Carbon Kevlar. You just have to choose the silencer you want in the dropdown menu. Attention! We worked with Yasuni to made special exhaust production with no restriction inside the silencer. This exhaust only have restriction inside the exhaust flange that can be easily removed with dremel. By removing this restriction you release the full power of the exhaust  which translates to better performance.

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Great for 50cc Stock Jog/1PE40QMB

Have this on my otherwise stock 50cc Yamaha Jog and it gave me about another 5mph over stock exhaust (200lb. rider). Moved the powerband to ~8K - ~9K rpm as well. Little CVT tuning to adjust to the new powerband was necessary in the form of lighter weights and stiffer clutch springs. Super happy with it overall.

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