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Slammed Low Down Fork Legs 320mm Black (Ruckus) View larger

Slammed Low Down Fork Legs 300mm Black Honda Ruckus / Dio / Elite


New product


We offer here slammed low down fork legs for Honda Ruckus. Attention! You can only use this fork with front disc brake convertion, Ruckus oem fork and wheel are made for Drum brake. The perfect match with TRS front Hub, TRS front wheel, Adelin 220mm Disc Brake, RRGS Caliper bracket and finally Adelin 4 Pistons Caliper. Fork lenght : 300mm / Shaft Diameter : 27mm / Axle Diameter : 12mm

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CAD$ 219.99

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  • Reference: S6-1400375/

    Brand: Stage6

    Brake caliper Stage6 R/T CNC-machined 4-Piston

    With the radical deceleration characteristics provided by the Stage6 R/T (RACING TEAM) four-piston brake caliper, you will probably be one of the last ones to jam the brakes. No matter whether you're on public roads or race tracks - this caliper ensures even safer handling while a late breaking point can be chosen. The caliper can be perfectly used with...

    CAD$ 189.99
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    In stock
  • Reference: RH-170

    Brand: Ruckhouse

    Front Wheel Hub Ruckhouse V1 4x90 12mm Axle Honda Ruckus

    Professional Crafted front Billet Hub for 4x90 pattern front wheels with Brake Adapter flange, 3 NCY Titanium finish rotor bolt and 3 Stainless bolts to attach Brake disc adapter plate.

    CAD$ 149.99
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  • Reference: TRSASK

    Brand: TRS

    Axle Spacer kit TRS 12mm Honda Ruckus

    This axle spacer kit is to center wheel with aftermarket front hub normally used with Douglas, TRS or other Ruckus wheels. You may have to add (using washer) or remove (file) a couple thousanth off the spacer as we have no control over how far the manufacturer presses the bearing in the hub.

    CAD$ 23.99
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  • Reference: ST-AD002

    Brand: Adelin

    Brake caliper Adelin CNC-machined 4-Piston

    The perfect caliper for use with 220mm Adelin brake disc and RRGS brake caliper bracket. It's a huge Ruckus upgrade compared to the OEM front drum brake! The perfect match with our Adelin CNC brake master cylinder.

    CAD$ 109.99
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  • Reference: SCT125490

    Brand: Douglas

    Front Wheel DWT 12x4 (4x90)

    Custom Douglas solid highly polished roll forged 6061 heat treated aircraft grade aluminum wheels.

    CAD$ 299.99
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