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Lower Seat TRS Lowboy Gloss Black Honda Ruckus


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Looking for a seat frame to move you back and low? We got it ! Comes with all stainless hardware, anodized washers and powdercoated gloss black finish. Limited quantities available.

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CAD$ 258.99

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Awesome seat - easy to install

This seat is easy to install, requires minimal modification (only 4 holes drilled in the bottom of the seat) and changes the way my ruck rides so much. It make the handling so much better (lower center of gravity) and my boyfriend says it is much more comfortable because it moves the seat back a bit, giving him more leg room.
On my previous ruckus, I had one of the cheap 2 piece lower seats, and it was alright, but this seat looks so much better, and feels much sturdier.
The only downside is that you won’t be able to flip your seat up anymore, but as there is almost no room underneath the seat anymore, there really isn’t any need to flip the seat up anyway.
100% would recommend.

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