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  • Goggle Thor Combat
    Goggle Thor Combat
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    Drilled frame ports for increased ventilation and fog resistance •...

    CAD$ 37.99
  • Goggle Thor Conquer
    Goggle Thor Conquer
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    Innovative frame with maximum airflow vents • Drilled frame ports for...

    CAD$ 49.99
  • Gloves Thor Sector
    Gloves Thor Sector
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    Fitted stretch backhand panel for lightweight comfort • Notched wrist...

    CAD$ 27.99
  • Gloves Thor Spectrum
    Gloves Thor Spectrum
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    Refined chassis for increased comfort and performance • TPR...

    CAD$ 31.99
  • Gloves Thor Draft
    Gloves Thor Draft
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    Four-way stretch mesh and expansion panels allow full range of motion in...

    CAD$ 31.99
  • Gloves Mechanix The Original
    Gloves Mechanix The Original
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    Fingertip pattern reduces seams and enhances fingertip sensitivity •...

    CAD$ 28.99
  • Gloves Mechanix The Original High Dexterity 0.5mm
    Gloves Mechanix The Original High Dexterity 0.5mm
    Review(s): 0

    Allows tactile control of bare hands while wearing gloves • Mechanix...

    CAD$ 29.99
  • Gloves Mechanix The Original Grip
    Gloves Mechanix The Original Grip
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    Work smarter, not harder with The Original® Grip gloves • Palms covered...

    CAD$ 32.99
  • Gloves Bitwell Bantam
    Gloves Bitwell Bantam
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    Heavy-duty leather construction in the palm, fingers and thumbs •...

    CAD$ 62.99
  • Gloves Bitwell Moto
    Gloves Bitwell Moto
    Review(s): 0

    Two-way stretch polyester back panel construction for ventilation and...

    CAD$ 49.99
  • Gloves Alpinestar Shore
    Gloves Alpinestar Shore
    Review(s): 0

    Lightweight summer glove with multi-material main shell construction •...

    CAD$ 54.99
  • Gloves Alpinestar Atom
    Gloves Alpinestar Atom
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    Premium leather glove main body • Soft-shell windbreaker material and...

    CAD$ 79.99


Variators // Roller Weight
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  • CAD$ 55.98 In stock

    Reference: 6614705.A0

    Brand: Malossi

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    For optimum engine setting, Vario weights should be used. The high quality finish of the Malossi roller weights result a high stability and a self-lubricating effect. They are available in different weight selection. The set consists of 6 or 8 rolls, depending on the model.

    CAD$ 55.98
    In stock
  • CAD$ 17.99 In stock

    Reference: NK918.080

    Brand: Naraku

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    Set of 6 (23x18mm) variator weight weights from NARAKU. These high-quality HD [Heavy Duty] weights not only perform very well as a stock weight replacement, but also show their true potential in high-end engines. During production, the inner ring is carefully knurled and only after this is it bonded with the plastic. This prevents the weight material from...

    CAD$ 17.99
    In Stock
  • CAD$ 18.99 4 – 10 days

    Reference: S6-G201

    Brand: Stage6

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    6 coated precision weights from Stage6 for maxi variators, in a size of 20x17mm. They are made of durable plastic on a CPT-base. With tolerances of less than 0.05g, these weights are among the most precise on the market. For easier identification, the rollers have size and weight printed on and additionally lasered onto the inner rim.

    CAD$ 18.99
    In Stock
  • CAD$ 49.98 4 – 10 days

    Reference: 6611095.B0

    Brand: Malossi

    Review(s): 0

    HT are made with CPT with a specific formula and their weight is marked on one side.HTRolls represent a technical spare part for the original one, in a complete series of calibrated elements capable of varying your scooter's transmission ratio and perfectly regulating its speed and acceleration. Due to the rotation, the weight of the rollers becomes a...

    CAD$ 49.98
    In Stock
  • CAD$ 36.99 4 – 10 days

    Reference: 1400-1070


    Review(s): 0

    This is probably the best way to go about tuning your CVT transmission! Included in this tuning Kit are 12 sets of 3 rollers, for a total of 36 roller weights. These sets range from 6g to 17g. Combining 2 sets of rollers allows you to tune with a large variance of weights sets! For example: 3x 10g & 3x 11g rollers (alternating weights in variator)...

    CAD$ 36.99
    4 – 10 days
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items