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  • CAD$ 189.99 4 – 10 days

    Reference: 5212487

    Brand: Malossi

    Review(s): 0

    Clutches have friction material without asbestos and with patented adjusting system. MAXI DELTA CLUCTH allows from 3 to 9 different adjustments simply working on three fixing screws, and from 9 to 27 changing the setting springs and shoes, according to the model of the vehicle. It obtains high r.p.m. at the moment of traction to give excellent initial...

    CAD$ 189.99
    4 – 10 days
  • CAD$ 107.99 4 – 10 days

    Reference: 249.039

    Brand: Polini

    Review(s): 0

    The Maxi Speed 2G clutch from Polini comes with a reinforced base plate and low-slip clutch plates. The genius idea of the clutch spring preload adjustability makes this clutch really unique, because springs no longer break due to being pressure activated rather than pull. Admittedly not a low cost clutch, but it is the latest development from Polini and...

    CAD$ 107.99
    4 – 10 days
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items