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  • CAD$ 6.99 Out of stock

    Reference: S6-0250

    Manufacturer: Stage6

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    Even slight blows can damage the ceramic surface or the electrode of a spark plug, but safely stored in this orange Stage6 box, your plug will be well protected from harm and can be taken to events etc. Especially recommendable for expensive racing plugs.

    CAD$ 6.99
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  • CAD$ 5.99 4 – 10 days

    Reference: CR7HSA

    Manufacturer: NGK

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    NGK is one of the world’s leading spark plug manufacturers. As the factory-fitted choice of many vehicle brands, NGK is there when the spark starts to fade. You get an NGK standard spark plug, just like the one fitted to your vehicle. Heating value and plug construction are as the original. The service life of a spark plug depends on the fuel type, engine...

    CAD$ 5.99
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  • CAD$ 16.99 4 – 10 days

    Reference: CR7HIX

    Manufacturer: NGK

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    In addition to the standard spark plugs, we can also offer you special racing spark plugs with very thin electrodes made of platinum or iridium. Recommendable especially for highly tuned engines and when using an inner rotor ignition. The spark is much more stable at high revs and this type of electrode has better self-cleaning features than common CU...

    CAD$ 16.99
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Replacement parts // Fuel

  • CAD$ 31.99 4 – 10 days

    Reference: MF16.30020

    Manufacturer: Motoforce

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    This mechanical fuel pump from Olympia is identical to the one from Mikuni, but available for a better price.The output is about 14l/h, which is absolutely sufficient for most 2-stroke engines. Recommendable for all highly tuned engines with big bore carbs (24mm and more).

    CAD$ 31.99
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Replacement parts // Accessories

  • CAD$ 67.99 4 – 10 days

    Reference: SCRUCK


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    Our most popular scooter cover will protect your stretched or lowered scooter from the elements. Super high-quality, water-resistant cover comes with a handy carrying pouch. Includes a soft liner to protect expensive custom paint jobs. Includes heat protective liner for hot vertical exhausts. Built in bungee straps for keeping cover tight on your bike....

    CAD$ 67.99
    In Stock

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